Marc Jacques Burton - MJB launched in 2015, is luxury British street-wear label, designed in London and crafted in Italy. Marc Burton embodies the Brit Punk scene of the 70s. Marc Burton thoughtfully crafts each piece with his motto - Live your Dream in mind.

Q. Who has influenced your style the most in your life? 

A. I grew up in Wimbledon, so tennis was always around me. At Wimbledon the court dress code was always all white.  Andre Agassi in the 90s would wear the most out there tennis sets from Nike full of colour and with bold prints.  He was a rock star on the court.  So different to the other players.  From that moment I realised it was fine to be different, follow your own path and to dress how you want.  This has always stayed with me ever since.  Thank you Agassi for teaching me this through consistently dressing this way on the court in the 90s.

Q. What fashion advice would you give your younger self?

A. You did great.  From early on you were not afraid to be different and to stand out.  You bought some classic pieces from Gucci and Saint Laurent that are still rocked today!

Q. What is the most timeless piece you own?

A. A red velvet blazer from Tom Ford’s last Gucci AW96 collection.  Gucci, re released the jacket for it’s centenary year with Michele’s ‘Aria’ show.  I went to Gucci movie premiere in London and I was happy to be able to wear the original jacket from 1996.

Q. What item is your dream find?

A. Honestly I prefer to create rather than to find. 

Q. Biggest fashion faux pas?

A. There is never a fashion faux pas if you are dressing how you want and doing it for yourself from within.  Fashion faux pas occur when people try and follow trends blindly being influenced by the outside rather than from within.

Q. First designer purchase made, and why?

A. Prada sport trainers when I was 16.  I had to have the linea rossa stripe on the sole of my shoes.

Q. All time favourite brands?

A. Carol Christian Poell, Saint Laurent and Gucci during the Tom Ford era.

Q. An item in your closet that always sparks joy?

A. My MJB black organza spiked hoodie.

Q. What is your most versatile item for styling?

A. I always love a black t-shirt.  They can be rocked in so many ways.  Most of my favourite looks always start with a comfortable black t-shirt.

Q. What is your fashion motto?

A. To live your dream.  We should all live our dreams, so wear what inspires you to take action and turn those dreams into reality.

Q. Favourite fashion era?

A. The late 70s punk era.  They were making and modifying their own clothes and truly expressing themselves.

Q. Least favourite fashion era?

A. I believe every era has it’s time and place helping shift the next.

Q. How can consumers ADPT their fashion choices to be more sustainable?

A. Buy pieces that are unique and will age with time.  Look after your pieces so that they last longer.  Be open to modifying existing garments so that they can bring a new spark of joy to you. 

Honestly I prefer to create rather than to find.