Meet Elle John, the Co-Founder of fe Creatives - a modern agency representing next wave talents.

Full name: Elle John
Age: 38
Job Title:
Current: Co-Founder FE Creatives; 
Previous: Head of Luxury Brands @ Ridley Scott Creative Group; Head of Client Services @ MarioTestino+
Star sign: Taurus [fashionably loyal, loving, stubborn!]
Social Media handle: @ladyellejohn / @fecreatives

Q. Who has influenced your style the most in your life? 
A. Undoubtedly, my mother x
Q. What fashion advice would you give your younger self? 
A. You can never go wrong with the classics - from an aesthetic, investment and sustainable point of view. 
Q. What is the most timeless piece you own? 
A. A Saint Laurent leather biker jacket. 
Q. What item is your dream find? 
A. A vintage designer handbag in pristine condition + without the current day price tag!
Q. Biggest fashion faux pas?
A. There was a moment with sequins - I'll leave it at that. 
Q. First designer purchase made, and why?
A. A Dolce & Gabbana LBD, that had bra-strap straps and was held together down one-side entirely by velcro. For context - I was 15 and had to make up a great excuse as to why my cinema tickets had multiplied in price that afternoon!
Q. All time favourite brands? 
A. Yves Saint Laurent; Agnes B; Yohji Yamamoto; Commes des Garçons
Q. An item in your closet that always sparks joy? 
A. A vintage oversized men's YSL blue-black leather jacket that I found in an antiques market in Rome a good few springtimes ago. 
Q. What is your most versatile item for styling? 
A. Black leather cowboy boots - literally make any outfit unique. Those - and a balanced mind.
Q. What is your fashion motto? 
A. Dress for YOU. 
Q. Favourite fashion era? 
A. Gotta love an 80's silhouette. 
Q. Least favourite fashion era? 
A. I can't say I feel warm about women in corsets and compromised rib cages...
Q. How can consumers ADPT their fashion choices to be more sustainable? 
A. Go for classics and don't dress to stay on trend. Be your own trend, your own brand, your ownable YOU.
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"fe Creatives is a modern agency representing next wave creative and strategic talent, in the most inclusive, empowering and collaborative of fashions."


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